Welcome to Yodao-Free Homepage

by David and boyi

Yodao-free is a collection of free (open-source) software related to www.youdao.com(Chinese name: ๆœ‰้“ๆœ็ดข). You can share the cool and fun stuffs of Yodao in your own way.

NOTE: This is not an official site by yodao. The author wants to share good stuffs with others.

These are softwares I have released (visit the summary page of yodao-free project for more details):

The desktop client for youdao-dictionary.

Download yodaodict 1.0.0.
More about yodaodict...

The python script client for yodao-dict.
Download python-dict 1.0.
More about python-dict...
You can go to to see more cool stuffs.

Find any bugs? Go to the bugs tracker on sourceforge. Think out any good features? Go to the feature requests tracker to submit. Or, email me at daviddengcn at gmail.com.

Last updated: 2007.5

This project is now a sourceforge project.SourceForge.net Logo